Definition of Cairn: 

\ ˈkern \

Gaelic term for a human-made tower of stones used as a memorial or as a landmark.

There is a centuries-old Scottish tradition of carrying a stone from the bottom of the valley and placing it on top of an existing cairn. For centuries, these cairns have been used to mark trails and guide hikers as they journey to the top and bottom of the mountain.

Here at Cairn Advisors, we are passionate about guiding you on your journey toward financial security. We are highly skilled specialists and know the best trails and markers for economic success. Let us help you find the right path no matter where you currently are in your retirement journey.


Take the first step to a sound economic future today.

Did you know an efficient path can lead to a 30-50% increase in your retirement income?

Preparing for retirement is much like climbing a mountain. The path you choose not only affects where you end up, but how hard the journey will be to get there. The choices you make now matter! Simply by choosing a more efficient path, you can increase your retirement without having to save additional funds.

We can help you to leverage your income now, so that it works for you throughout your retirement years. Remember—timing matters! The sooner you make your money work for you, the greater impact you can have on your revenue income streams throughout retirement.

Taking the first step on the right path today equals financial peace tomorrow.

We specialize in a comprehensive approach and utilize a variety of strategies to build high-yielding and reliable income streams for your retirement. By using our Two Economic Powers® approach, you can make your income work much more efficiently. Our experts are skilled in economic strategies that combat the risks of pre- and post-retirement.

The two big pre-retirement questions:

How much do I need? Where do I put it?

The answers lie in product and strategy. We’re experts in both.

We know that most people don’t have unlimited funds available for retirement. That’s why it’s important to leverage your income now in order to create multiple income streams in retirement.

Our Approach

We believe in individualized, specialized planning today to ensure your sound economic future tomorrow.  You deserve more than a ‘financial junk drawer.’

Our Advisors

We are highly skilled financial specialists who are passionate about guiding you on your journey to economic success.

Our Services

Financial success is about combining the right tools together for the right jobs in order to create greater overall results.


  • I have worked with Cairn Advisors for 10 years now and cannot speak highly enough about their team. I appreciate the professional, pro-active, high-quality service they provide. Every interaction with their team is treated with high levels of accuracy and efficiency. They are very personable and go the extra mile with helping their clients. When requesting information, their team will come back with well-researched, detailed material, comparisons, and will then be available for questions. Their team is quick to follow-up to make sure I am taken care of and continue to keep me on their radar for future communications. Cairn Advisors has been an extremely valuable resource and I couldn’t be happier with the work provided. I recommend Cairn Advisors with no reservations. They are wonderful to work with and I am appreciative of their work and relationship.

    Priscilla Wadman
    Academica West
  • Helpside has been working with Cairn Advisors for two decades. Throughout those years we’ve appreciated their responsiveness to our questions, the professional support they’ve given our clients, their expertise, and wise guidance. We feel fortunate to have enjoyed a great long-term partnership with a group that makes every effort to help their clients accomplish their goals.

    Jake Lunt
  • May I compliment you on your 401(k) presentation? It was clear and to-the-point. Our previous experiences with 401K presentations, were filled with off-topic stories that expended so much time. Thank you!

    Rick Larsen
    President & CEO
    Sutherland Institute